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Est:ablished 1996



Altinkum is an information and property website based both here in the UK and in Altinkum, Turkey. The website is the most popular UK website linked with Altinkum and gets over 500,000 visits every year. It was set up in 1996 as an amateur hobby site informing visitors of the beauty and flavour of Altinkum.

On the Website you will find valuable information and advice about Altinkum, Turkish Customs, Where to eat, meet and greet, How to get there, What to do when you get there, Where to stay, Who's Who, What Tourism services are available and General travel Info.

The culture of buying property in Turkey is changing!

Our research shows that the tactics of some Turkish estate agents are off-putting to many potential property buyers. We at want to change that. Buying property in Altinkum can be a stressful time unless you are prepared for the legal work, the paperwork and the time involved.

If you want to see a property or view our large selection of properties that are right for YOU.

We Offer:

  • No high-pressure sales tactics.
  • A one to one consultation and viewing.
  • An introduction to the Turkish culture.
  • Time to yourself to discuss your options.
  • We can help you find a room in a nice hotel on the beach and transfers to and from the airport.

We aim to provide you with every option available whether it is a new property, a resale property, a customised villa or the Turkish home of your dreams. We are confident that you will find the property you are looking for.

Stew (aka Kanki) - Owner and Manager of Stewart is a regular visitor to Altinkum and has had the good fortune to meet many of its characters over the past twenty years.

Jesus - The Property expert. If you are looking for Land, Property or Valuations ask Jesus. Having problems with your Tapu/Deeds, Management, Pool cleaning? Ask Jesus!