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What to do in and around Altinkum

Turkey is a wonderful place to explore and visit by car, coach, rail or even by foot. Altinkum sits firmly in the middle of a large number of tourism spots both up and sown the west coast of Turkey.


Whether you are visiting Altinkum for a family holiday or a cultural visit you will find lots to do and see. There are numerous bars and restaurants along the vast front also in and around the main Attaturk Boulevard. Cultural sites such as the temple ruins are easy to get to on foot or dolmus and sites further afield can be accessed by local tours and buses. There are daily boat trips to wonderful places and for thsoe of you wanting to extend your travel you can catch the daily boat to Kos (don't forget your passport!).


Dolphin square, the newly designed seafront and the first beach are busy during the summer with bars and restaurants playing to all manner of tastes, styles and ages.